Learn about the different Kotobee Author Licenses. 

Kotobee offers a wide range of licenses from Free to Institutional. Each license unlocks an extra level of features available in Kotobee Author. In this page, we'll break down important features and costs of each license. 

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Note, unlisted features are supported in all versions.

Free    Mobile App CreditsBasicPremiumInstitutional
Interactive Content
Branded Apps
Insert Short-Answer Questions

Insert Drag-Drop Question

Customize Questions UI Labels

Question Bank

Answer Persistence

Parse Imported HTML By Marker

Google Analytics Integration

Add Custom Reader Tabs

Edit Reader UI Labels

Export PDF
Export EPUB
Export MOBI (Kindle)
Export Web Apps
Export Desktop Apps
Export Mobile Apps5 Watermarked1
Export Encrypted EPUBs
(Max 300 MB)

Export SCORM Packages

Specialized Training

Chapters/Pages per Ebook10UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
File Size (Mobile Apps)20 MB100 MB100 MB100 MB100 MB
File Size (for all other formats)20 MBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Publish to the Kotobee Books Library
Kotobee Books Library Upload Quota Per Book80 MB80 MB
100 MB150 MB150 MB
Starting fromFree$30$150$300$2000

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Now, we'll lay out the Basic, Premium, and Institutional Licenses' costs and features in more detail.

User refers to the person creating the ebook in Kotobee Author. A single user is allowed to run Kotobee Author on a maximum of 2 machines (computers), Windows or Mac.

Kotobee Author Basic Licenses

# UsersLicense FeeOptional Upgrade Renewal
1 user$150$60/year
3 users$350$140/year
10 users$800$320/year
100 users$4,000$1,600/year

All Kotobee Author Basic Licenses offer

  • unlimited pages per ebook,
  • unlimited file size,
  • unlimited branded web and desktop app exports (mobile apps not included),
  • branded apps with your logo,
  • interactive short-answer questions,
  • interactive drag-and-drop questions,
  • free upgrades for one year, and
  • upgrades to new version releases after one year: 40% of license fee for each additional year.

Kotobee Author Premium Licenses

# Users# Mobile AppsLicense FeeOptional Upgrade Renewal
1 user5 mobile apps$300$120/year
3 users15 mobile apps$700$280/year
10 users50 mobile apps$1,800$720/year
100 users500 mobile apps$8,000$3,200/year

All Kotobee Author Premium Licenses offer the same features as the Basic License, and additionally offer

  • encrypted EPUB ebooks,
  • unlimited SCORM packages,
  • language customization of ebook apps' interface, 
  • 5 mobile apps (size limit: 100 MB),
  • free upgrades for one year, and
  • upgrades to new version releases after one year: 40% of license fee for each additional year.

Kotobee Author Institutional Licenses

Number of UsersNumber of Mobile AppsLicenseOptional Upgrade Renewal
10 users60 mobile apps$2,000$800
25 users150 mobile apps$4,000$1,600
50 users300 mobile apps$7,000$2,800
100 users600 mobile apps$10,000$4,000

Kotobee Author Institutional is ideal for corporations, schools, universities, publishing houses, or any organization. 

All Kotobee Author Institutional Licenses provide all that's in the Premium License (unlimited access to all software features and export options), and additionally offer

  • access for more users,
  • extra mobile app credits, 
  • specialized training sessions and support,
  • free upgrades for one year, and
  • upgrades to new version releases after one year: 40% of license fee for each additional year.

Kotobee Author Upgrades

You are not required to pay any additional fees beyond the license fee. It is a lifetime license and Kotobee Author will continue to work over the years. 

  • If any new features are added to Kotobee Author after the one-year free upgrade period, you may optionally pay the renewal fee to continue downloading upgrades to Kotobee Author for an additional year. 
  • If you are satisfied with your current version, then you need not upgrade, and your work will be unaffected.

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