Welcome to Kotobee. We’re excited about every new project and want to make the process easy for you. We’ll quickly take you through the main steps of creating an interactive ebook.

Before we begin, download and install Kotobee Author for free from our website, and get a license. Learn more about Kotobee Author Licenses.

Kotobee Author enables you to write a new ebook or import an old one and add interactive content.

1. Begin your project.

2. Start writing.

Format your text as you would in any word processor.

3. Add media and interactive content.

Engage your readers like no print book can, with media and HTML5 Apps.

4. Manage your chapters.

Organize your chapters and design your table of contents.

5. Preview your chapter anytime. 

See your chapter in action.

If you will distribute your ebook on Kindle or as an EPUB, or PDF file, then you're done creating your ebook and skip ahead to Export.

If you will turn your ebook into a web, desktop or mobile app, then continue on to Customize to design your app's appearance and features.

Kotobee Author enables you to customize the appearance and features of your new ebook app. As well as add a Google Analytics tracking ID to your ebook app. 

1. Customize your new app's interface.

2. Customize your new app's features.

3. View and test the app with device and platform emulations. 

See your new ebook app on various platforms and devices in the main window of the customize screen.

Kotobee Author enables you to publish your ebook in an unprecedented number of formats quickly and easily.

Kotobee Author will export your ebook or generate an ebook app for you. Your interactive ebook will be ready to publish!

Kotobee Author enables you to manage access and features in your Kotobee Cloud and Hosted Ebooks and your Kotobee Ebook Library.

  • Create and customize a library.
  • Manage user access to your ebook or library.
  • Issue access codes.
  • Enable Tin-Can API for books or libraries.

We’re happy you’ll start using Kotobee Author and are here to help you. You'll find us in the

  • Quick Tour inside the software.
  • Knowledge Base providing you with guides for every step.
  • Community Forum.
  • Live Chats waiting to answer your questions.

We’re everywhere you need us, to make writing interactive ebooks easy and fun for you.