With the Kotobee API and the right permissions, you can control all areas of your cloud account, whether that is a cloud ebook or a library. The advantage of using an API is avoiding doing things through Kotobee Author. This gives you the convenience of integrating certain operations (e.g. user management functions) with other tools in your organization. 

For high traffic applications, there is a rate limit for API usage. Only one API request is allowed per second. So please manage your application to adapt to this restriction.

The API may be accessed through the Kotobee API Base URL: https://www.kotobee.com/api/v1 . Through this Base URL, the API endpoints may be constructed (specified in the following articles).

You are given the flexibility of sending variables as POST and/or GET variables. We strongly recommend the following:

  1. Sending the serial number as a POST variable, for higher security, as GET variables are exposed easily to outside users. 
  2. Making requests through the backend (i.e. PHP, Java, .NET) instead of the frontend (i.e. Javascript).
  3. Protect your serial number strongly, since it acts as your password. 

Resource IDs

In many cases, you will be using IDs to represent users, books, categories, or libraries. These IDs can be found in the appropriate sections under the Manage tab of Kotobee Author, labelled in small font next to the resource.

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