Learn how to customize the control bar (bottom bar) in the ebook app. Options include menu, table of contents, media, notebook, search and settings. 

  1. Click on the Customize tab in the top header to open the Customize Screen.

  2. Click on the Tabs section.A list of tabs will appear. 

  3. Select Show or Hide, to include or remove the control option from the ebook app.

    • Media tab opens a panel with a list of all media content in the book.

    • Chapters tab opens the table of contents in the left panel. If this is disabled, the chapters panel can still be accessed by clicking on the Chapter title at the top of the screen.

    • Settings tab opens settings menu.

    • Notebook tab opens a panel listing all the bookmarks, highlights and notes taken by the reader throughout the book, chapter by chapter.
      Note: you can disable the Notebook tab and still have the annotations enabled.

    • Search within book enables the reader to search the whole book, and locate precise keyword positions.