Learn about the differences between Kotobee Cloud Ebooks and Kotobee Hosted Ebooks.

Cloud Ebooks and Hosted Ebooks are both part of Kotobee Cloud, but provide different services. 

Cloud Ebooks saves your users' data on the cloud, so you can manage access to your ebook app, and your users get all their notes and highlights synced, so they can easily switch between devices.

Hosted Ebooks saves your ebook content on the cloud, so your users can read your ebook straight from any web browser.

Is Cloud Ebooks for Me?

If you want to

  • manage access to your ebook app,
  • encrypt your ebook content,
  • control device DRM, or
  • allow your readers to sync notes and highlights across devices,

then Cloud Ebooks is for you. 

Cloud Ebooks is an extra feature for your ebook app, regardless of whether it's a mobile app, web app, or desktop app. 

You will need decide before you export your ebook app, whether to add Cloud Ebook features to your app. If you do not add it, you will need to re-export the ebook app, later if you decide to include it.

Is Hosted Ebooks for Me?

If you want your ebook to be read from any web browser, but don't have a website or have a website but not the technical skills, then Hosted Ebooks is for you.

Hosted Ebooks makes the process easy for you. You'll have your ebook instantly published online at a subdomain of your choice, mysubdomain.kotobee.com. 

You can easily edit the hosted ebook and the changes will automatically be applied, without the hassle of re-uploading files.

You can add the hosting service at anytime to any ebook, unpublished or previously published.

Can I Use Both Services, Hosted Ebooks and Cloud Ebooks, Together?

Yes, you can.  

Your ebook at example.kotobee.com will have all the  conveniences of a hosted ebook and all the privileges of a cloud ebook. 

Simply create your ebook, customize the web app, then host your cloud ebook

Hosted EbooksCloud Ebooks
ManagementInside Kotobee AuthorInside Kotobee Author
On our server
Ebook Web App
User Data
Includes Hosting Online

User Access Control

Allows Encryption

ActivateAnytimeWhen Exporting
Runs in web browser✓ Only Web Apps

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