Learn how to delete a library.

Deleting a library is irreversible.

All ebooks in the library will be deleted. We recommend you save a local copy before you delete the library.

  1. Click on the Manage tab.
    The Manage screen will open.
  2. Click on Libraries in the left panel.
  3. Select your library from the drop-down menu in the top bar.
  4. Select Settings from the Libraries menu in the left panel.
  5. Click Delete library.
    A confirmation window will open: "This will delete the selected library, along with any affiliated books in the library. Are you sure you would like to continue?" 
  6. Click Yes.
    A second confirmation window will open: "This is a final warning. You cannot undo this action. Are you sure you would like to continue?" 
  7. Click Yes.
    The library will be deleted.
    A confirmation window will appear: "The library was successfully deleted."