Learn how to access your system's backups and recover older version of your ebook from there.

If you have been working on an ebook project in Kotobee Author long enough, you will find automated periodical backups taken for your ebook project.

Access Your Backups

  1. Open any version of your ebook project.
  2. Click on the Support menu.
  3. Select Open backup directory.

It becomes more tricky if your KPUB2 file is corrupt since it won't open inside Kotobee Author. In this case follow the steps below.

Retrieve Backups for Corrupt Files

  1. With Kotobee Author open, click on the Support menu.
  2. Select on Open working directory. This will open your File Explorer, and display the current working directory. Navigate upwards to the "Kotobee Author" folder.

  3. Enter the backups folder. This folder contains an archive of all the backups taken with your version of Kotobee Author. You will need to search inside this folder using the name of your ebook.