In our journey to be the world leader in interactive ebook technologies, your feedback and reports have been critical to take us where we are today. We treat any input coming from actual users, as true absolute unbiased requirements, to be taken critically by our development team. This is why our past releases have been influenced by your input. 

Effective from May 2019, we will transparently include a breakdown of the changes made in each release. Our plan is to make a release every 3 weeks (more or less), which includes updates to all elements of the Kotobee platform: Kotobee Author, Kotobee Cloud, Kotobee Library, and Kotobee Reader. Each release will contain:

  • New features
  • Bug fixes
  • UI/UX improvements

The respective release notes will be available on the same day of the release, and referenced in the "Update Available" dialog box in Kotobee Author, as well as the Kotobee Author versions page in our website. The announcements are made in Kotobee Author specifically since it is the management hub for the rest of the products. For large releases, a newsletter will also be sent. Make sure to stay subscribed to our newsletter from our homepage.

At the end, I would like to personally thank you for your loyalty, commitment, and for being Kotobee customers. Together, we will produce the best interactive ebook platform out there!

Ayman A R