This release has some interesting additions to Kotobee Library, as well as a new image editor tool to help you make some quick fixes to images inside Kotobee Author. 

Here's a full summary:

Image Editor

When adding images inside Kotobee Author, the new Editor tab allows you to do simple operations such as crop, flip, rotate, and even add text and freehand sketches.

Mac PDF Import Fixes

In the past months, Kotobee Author had difficulties importing PDF documents for new Mac machines. This problem has now been resolved and the importing is working efficiently.

Latin Spanish Text-To-Speech

Latin Spanish has been added to the list of languages to use with text-to-speech.

Additional Question Timer Options

When you enable a countdown timer to your question set, two new options will now appear; the option to auto-submit questions at the end of the timer, and the option to stop the timer once questions are submitted.

Duplicate Book Categories

Previously, adding a book category to your library with an existing name would display an error. Now you will instead see a confirmation popup that will allow you to enforce adding that category with the same name.

Set Library Default Access

By default, newly registered users in your library received global access to all books. Now, a self-intuitive UI allows you to control the default access which new library users receive.

New Library Sorting Fields

You now have the ability to sort library books by views and ratings.

If you'd like to see any specific new features in the coming release, do not hesitate to contact us.

Download v1.8.4 from and feel free to send us your feedback.

Best of luck and stay safe!