Learn how to authenticate your API requests either through a serial number or an access key

Kotobee provides two methods of authentication: using a serial number or an access key.

Authenticating Using a Serial Number

Every Kotobee account is represented with a serial number. This is a sensitive combination of characters that belong to you personally (or your organization) and should not be shared with anyone.

You can find your account's serial inside Kotobee Author by opening the user menu name in the top right corner, and clicking on Account Summary.

Include the serial number as a POST parameter (named serial) in any API request, and your request will be authenticated. The same serial number is used to authorize the request. You can only access assets that your account owns or have shared access to.

Authenticating With an Access Key

The preferred method for authentication is using an access key. Unlike a serial number, an access key is not linked to an account. Instead, it is linked to a cloud ebook or to a library. Each cloud ebook or library has a unique access key. The access key can be found from the Settings > Integrations section.

Access keys can be regenerated (reset) for additional security. This makes it safe in case the access key has been leaked.

Include the access key as a POST parameter (named accesskey) in any API request, and your request will be authenticated. You will be authorized to do operations only related to the cloud ebook or library owning this access key.