This new release features the option to sell your ebooks on Kotobee Books (previously known as Kotobee Shared Library), as well as other great usability features. Let's take a look at the highlights;

Category Presets

Kotobee libraries now come with a new feature called "category presets," designed to help you organize your ebooks in the same way as genres. These presets will automatically sort your ebooks based on specific criteria, including Most Viewed, Most Popular, Highest Rated, Recently Viewed, Recently Updated, and New Releases. 

The unique thing about this feature is that these presets function like regular categories, allowing you to personalize their names, position them in the category list, display them in the top menu, or even create them as separate library sections.

User-Friendly Categories Interface

We have organized the workflow for creating ebook categories, to make the different options more clear and user-friendly.

Search Ebook Templates by Keyword

With our growing list of ebook templates, we found it meaningful to add a search box, to search for templates by keyword.

Selling Ebooks on Kotobee Books

Kotobee Books (previously known as Kotobee Shared Library) was created 8 years ago to be a free means of sharing ebooks between users. The library today has grown to include a collection of 10,000 ebooks and is still growing at a daily basis. It is all thanks to our valuable users who shared their content with the public. 

We're excited to announce that you can now offer your ebooks for sale through this library.  Kotobee does not intervene in the buying process or act as an intermediator, and as a result, there are currently no commissions deducted from that purchase. All you need to do is set up your payment methods, set a price for your ebook, and you will receive 100% royalties from each purchase made.

For more information about this, please read Collect Payments in Kotobee Books.

Allow Optional Login for Public Libraries

Library permissions can either be set as “public” or “private”. If the permission is set as private, then readers will be required to log in to access the ebooks. For public libraries, we have now introduced an “optional login” option for library readers. This will not affect the current behavior of public libraries in any way as the users can still open and read ebooks without logging in. However, if they do log in, they will enjoy some additional benefits such as storing bookmarks and reading progress. For the library owner (i.e. you), having a user list can be useful for marketing purposes and contacting those users directly later on.

Text-To-Speech Language Selection

Kotobee Author allows you to set the default text-to-speech language for your ebooks. If, however, the language you selected is not available on the user's device, they will be asked to choose a different language of their choice.

Password Reset Functionality for the Readers

Users of a private cloud ebook or library can now change their own password from their profile section inside the reader.

Set Image Title Attribute

Setting a title attribute for your image has two main benefits. Firstly it will display this title when the user hovers over the image. Secondly, when the user clicks on the image to display it in a popup, the title will be used for the popup header.

Hide Image Modal Title

This is related to the previous feature. When opening an image in a popup, the image's title attribute will be used as the popup's title. If there isn't a title attribute set, the image filename will be used. Now we have added a third option which is to prevent any title from displaying in the popup. You can set this option from the Customize screen, under the Display tab.

Download the newest version, v1.8.10, from

If you have any feedback or special requests for any of our Kotobee products, we would be more than happy and grateful to hear them. You can contact us through the website. 

Enjoy the rest of your day!