We are thrilled to unveil the latest update of Kotobee, introducing a number of essential features that promise to enhance your experience. Here are the main features of this release.

Save As Draft

When editing a hosted ebook or a library ebook through Kotobee Author, you can now save your changes as a draft instead of publishing your changes directly. This will give you the flexibility to refine and perfect your work before making it public. This is done through the new Save draft button which appears at the bottom strip while editing the ebook. So, take your time, make any revisions you need, and when you're ready, unleash your polished masterpiece to the world!

Retrieve Deleted Books and Users

You can now easily recover any books or users that may have been accidentally (or intentionally) deleted. Thanks to the addition of a new convenient Trash tab–which will appear whenever there are deleted items–you can now easily restore your content. You will also have the choice of whether you wish to selectively recover individual items or perform a comprehensive cleanup by deleting the entire trash.  

More Category Options

A wider range of category options are now available to you, providing greater flexibility to customize the appearance of your categories to your liking.

Interstitial Ads

Your exported mobile app can now integrate Google AdMob interstitial ads, adding a new dimension to your app's monetization potential. These interstitial ads, which are full-page advertisements, can be strategically configured to appear at a time of your choosing.

Download the newest version, v1.8.12, from https://www.kotobee.com/products/author/versions.

If you have any feedback or special requests for any of our Kotobee products, we would be more than happy and grateful to hear them. You can contact us through our website. 

Enjoy the rest of your day!