This update introduces several new features and enhancements that particularly benefit Kotobee Author and Kotobee Library users. These features offer greater flexibility and provide users with more control over the customization of their digital content.

Gallery Slideshow Mode

When organizing your photos into interactive galleries, you can now activate the "Slideshow Mode". This feature lets each photo automatically transition to the next one after a customizable time interval that you can adjust. Additionally, you can choose to display an animated icon in the bottom corner to show the remaining time before the next photo appears.

New Import Formats ODF, MD, Tex, RTF

We have added support for importing Open Document Format (ODF), MarkDown (MD), LaTeX (Tex), and Rich-Text Format (RTF) files into Kotobee Author.

Answer Explanations in Popups

When creating self-assessment questions, providing the user with meaningful explanations for each answer submission is a useful feature that has long existed in Kotobee Author. Now instead of displaying the explanation directly underneath the answer, you can show a clickable button that will open the explanation in a popup window. This can reduce clutter on the page and prevent the explanations from causing the question set to grow vertically, resulting in a more organized and visually appealing layout.

Book Price Under Library Thumbnails

For users displaying their ebooks in Kotobee library, it is now possible to display book prices underneath their thumbnails. This option can be set from the library's thumbnail customization settings.

Startup Text Color

You can now customize the color of the slogan text that appears on the ebook’s startup screen.

Page Top/Bottom Margins

When viewing your reflowable ebook in non-scroll mode (paginated), including double-page view, you can now adjust the top and bottom margins of each page.

More Accurate Word Import

When you import a Word Document into Kotobee Author, you now get more accurate results, with support for image extraction and multi-lingual text.

Better Book Positioning

There is now an easier way to manually control the order of ebooks in your library. Simply double-click on the arrange handler icon and enter the desired order index of each book.

Hiding Login Popup by Default

If your library is set to allow browsing book titles without the need to log in, the login popup would display at startup. We have changed this default behavior and made the login popup appear only if the user clicks on the Login button.

Download the newest version, v1.8.15, from

If you have any feedback or special requests for any of our Kotobee products, we would be more than happy and grateful to hear them. You can contact us through our website.